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Current Inventory List of Gently USED HP 1090 (Series-II) PARTS;
Last Updated in May 2020       Please note that we have very few parts left and are no longer stocking them.

Hewlett-Packard 1090 / 1040 DAD (Series-I) Test Flow Cell

Item #79880-60006 : Fits Series-I HP1090 and 1040 DAD ONLY !!! . This "Dummy Cell" is used to test the lamp output and wavelength calibration. A must have item for this detector. Simply inserts into detector well.  Price : $ 100 USD.

*BTW: We often stock fully tested Series-II flow cells as well so please inquire with your requirements.

HP 1090 HPLC Display and Keyboard Controller Board (DKC)

Item # 01090-66509 : From an HP 1090 II. For units with the system keyboard this is the board that communicates with the MCO board. Rev. 'B' with LUSI B (LIB #01090-66579) Rev. 'F' firmware from 1997 for use with the latest series-II AminoQuant systems. In excellent condition. Price : $ 300   USD.

HP 1090 HPLC Helium Inlet Valve Assembly

Item # 01090-67601 : From an HP 1090 II. In excellent condition. Price : $ 100   USD.

dummycell.jpg (58230 bytes)

DKC LIB.jpg (644985 bytes)

Helium Inlet Valve.jpg (554806 bytes)

HP 1090 HPLC PV5 or DR5  Metering Channel Driver Board (MCD)

Item # 79835-66521 : From an HP 1090 Series-II system. MCD boards replaced the obsolete SCT and MDR boards into a single board. You need one board for each metering pump in your HPLC.  In excellent condition. Price : $ 300  USD.

Agilent Analog Signal Cable: # 35900-60900

Item #35900-60900 : Brand NEW in factory package. Commonly used to connect an Integrator (3394/3395/3396) or 35900-series A/D box to a detector's output signal, this signal cable has a three pinned plug at one end and three spade lugs at the other. Agilent price is $104. Our Price : $ 80 USD.

HP Agilent HPIB Board, P/N 82350B

(For use with a PC and ChemStation Software)

Item # 82350B-66511 : This is an as-new, fully tested HPIB board which has been tested in a computer running ChemStation A.10.01 (works with ChemStation Revision A.09.03 or higher, including B.0#.##) for LC with an Agilent 1100 and HP 1090 HPLC system. The board has a PCI interface. Price : $ 150.

MCD Board.jpg (604938 bytes)

35900-60900.jpg (498103 bytes)

HP 82350B PCI.JPG (791543 bytes)

HP 1090 HPLC External Control Board (ECI)

Item # 01090-66526 : From an HP 1090 II. This is the latest revision of the board, Rev. 'D' and is backward compatible with older versions. This board provides four switchable contact closures or relay outputs which are useful in controlling valves and other accessories.The Series-I systems only had a four position relay board so this is a popular upgrade board. In excellent condition. Price : $ 150   USD.

HPIB Interface Cable 10833B

Item #HPIB-025 : We have one GPIB / HPIB interface cable in excellent condition. 2-meters in length. HP P/N 10833B.  Price : $75 USD.

HP 1090 HPLC Remote Control Interface Board (RCI)

Item # 01090-66538 : From an HP 1090. Provides two remote signal DB9's and one two pin error contact closure signal connector. From a Series-II system. Shown on mounting plate, not included.  In excellent condition. Price : $ 250   USD.

ECI Board.jpg (635303 bytes)

HPIB-10833B.jpg (385840 bytes)

RCI Board.jpg (506534 bytes)

HP 1090 HPLC AutoInjector Cover Plate Set

Item # 01090-04137 (Left) & 79847-04104 (Right) : From an HP 1090 Series-II system. Two top plates with screws. These are often missing on units and here is a set in great condition with pozidrive screws ready for installation. Price : $ 150   USD.

HP 1090 HPLC IR Position Sensors Boards

Item #79846-66503: Swivel Arm Sensor. New IR Sensor on board. These usually require replacement after ten years due to age. List Price is $180. Our Price : $ 100 USD.

Item #79846-66504: A/I Valve Sensor. New IR Sensor on board. These usually require replacement after ten years due to age. List Price is $110. Our Price : $ 80 USD.

Hewlett-Packard 1040, 1090, 1050 HPLC Optical Slits (Set of 3)

Item #79883-80022:  A 2nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors.    Item #79883-80024 : A 4nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors. Item #79883-80028 : (not shown) An 8nm Optical Slit ("Spring Style") for the 1040 (II), 1050 and 1090 (II) DAD and MWD detectors. These interchangeable slits allow you to vary the amount of light that falls on the detector.   Agilent/HP charges $200 each. All Three Slits : $ 150 USD.

Cover Plate Set.jpg (399627 bytes)


slits.jpg (38575 bytes)

HP 1090 HPLC Solvent Bottle Holder Assembly, Complete

Item # BottleHolder : From an HP 1090 Series-II system with three solvent pickup filters, three He gas spargers, Helium lines and all  connectors. In excellent condition. Price : $ 250   USD.


Item # ChemStation-A10 : Original Agilent Factory Disk and Registration License Label for ChemStation for HPLC, 2D Software. Revision A.10.01 (Aug 2003). This is one of the most stable and desireable versions of ChemStation software and can be used to control and gather data from many of the HP/Agilent 1050, 1090 and/or 1100-Series HPLC modules under Windows XP O/S. Price: $ 950 USD (2D) & $1,300 (2D + 3D Spectral Registration).

HP 1090 Mainframe to Diode Array Detector (DAD) Remote Control Cable, HP P/N 01040-60202)

Item # 01040-60202CLONE : If you have a 1090 Series-II HPLC with a 1040 Diode Array Detector (DAD) installed inside the mainframe, then you need the communication cable with edge card connectors to connect the two units together. This cable allows the two systems to share start, stop and other control signals through ChemStation. *An HPIB Cable is also needed and we sell these too. HP no longer makes these remote cables, but we offer a custom made clone cable which works just like the original one HP supplied. Price : $250  USD.

Bottle Holder Assembly.jpg (625542 bytes)

ChemStation A10.jpg (174195 bytes)

01040-60202.jpg (347179 bytes)

HP 1090 HPLC Injector-Sampler Driver Boards (ISD)

Item # 01090-66534 : From an HP 1090. Newer design, Rev 'B' boards from a Series-II system. One is used to control the Injector and the other the sampler. These are the boards with the five LEDs for monitoring the execution of the systems. Two boards in excellent condition. Price : $ 150   USD.

ISD Boards.jpg (465063 bytes)

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