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HPLC HINTS & TIPS for Chromatographers

Tip# 111: Proteomics and LC-MS, MS/MS Software Tools  

Instead of a traditional 'tip', I would like to make everyone aware of a great web site which has consolidated a number of useful software applications (for MS Windows). These fully downloadable and free utility files include: MS and MS/MS analysis tools, Protein Sequencing and Peptide Database tools, Data Analysis and Presentation tools, MS Data file utilities plus Molecular Weight and Isotope Pattern calculators to name a few. Be sure and check out their "Featured Tools" section.  

The web link can be found at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) web site:  http://omics.pnl.gov/software/#MsMsAnalysisTools

> Bill Letter, 04/21/2011.

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