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Effective January 1st, 2008, after fifteen years of providing expert chiral HPLC method development services to our clients around the world, we have discontinued offering both HPLC method development and enantiomeric purity services. Our laboratory will only be used for in-house R&D purposes only and not for incoming sample submissions.

We continue to offer our client's expert Chiral HPLC Consulting Services to train you in how to develop chiral HPLC and SFC methods on your own. Chiralizer Services is the industries only provider of true unbiased advice (we do not sell any HPLC COLUMNS or chiral m.d. software) in developing chiral separations. Education is the key to developing quality chiral HPLC methods and we know more about how to do this efficiently and inexpensively than any other company. A day's worth of advice from us can save your company ten's to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in expenses. Chiralizer Services has developed the best techniques and methods over many years of practical experience analyzing ten of thousands of racemic samples for just about every type of pharmaceutical company. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and we can forward you a consulting quote and confidential agreement (if needed).

blueball.gif (152 bytes)   GUARANTEE: Our guarantee has two components: performance and timeliness.


HPLC methods will be developed which yield baseline separations. A base-line separation shall be defined as one having a Resolution of 1.10.  For most samples, if this degree of resolution is not achieved, then  a discount of 50% will be applied to the charge for method development only. Exceptions: If your sample is a Diastereomer and/or has more than one chiral center, weak UV absorbing, samples with a chemical purity of less than 99% by UV as determined by our laboratory, poor solubility in EtOH (1mg/ml), then we must waive this performance guarantee and you will be charged for the sample analysis regardless of the resolution obtained. No warranty for chiral purity or chemical purity analysis.

 We use only proven, commercially-available chiral HPLC columns — those with a demonstrated record of quality.  While it is expected that similar performance will be attained from other columns, we cannot warrant a column manufacturer's product consistency.


Samples are scheduled in advance for analysis. Typical turn-around time from when we start the analysis of your sample to final report preparation usually results in us sending you information (hard copy or fax) within 10 business days, weekends and holidays excluded. Please hold your sample until requested to send it to us. 


blueball.gif (152 bytes)   TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

The product of this service is scientific information based on sample(s) you have sent to us.  This information may be Faxed/e-mailed directly to specified scientists at your request, but hard copies will be sent by mail after completion of each separate order. At this time an invoice for the amount of your purchase order, less any corrections for unsuccessful attempts will be sent to the "bill to" address on your purchase order.

Payment for the full amount of services rendered will be due prior to analysis (Pre-Paid) for all first time customers and within 25 calendar days (NET 25) from the date the information is sent to you via fax or "hard copy" (whichever is earlier) for current open account customers. A 1.5% / month (or the maximum amount permitted by law) Late Finance Charge will be added to overdue invoices. If we do not receive payment in full by the due date for each sample analysis, your credit terms may be revoked and you will be placed on pre-pay only credit terms. Payment must be in the total Invoice amount in US Dollars. The laws of Pennsylvania, USA will govern this transaction.



While unexpected, it is possible that our service will be "overbooked" at the time an order is placed.  In these cases, you may be asked to hold your shipment for a short period of time.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)   NOTES ABOUT SAMPLE LIABILITY:

We will accept only chemically pure samples which have been judged to be "non-hazardous" by you, with the understanding that we will observe customary safety procedures (such as eye protection, gloves and fume hoods).  We expect to be provided with an MSDS or similar safety statement that would warn those who would handle your product using routine chromatographic procedures of any known hazards (or lack of specific information). * Any unused sample is returned to the submitter. Storage of submitted samples is not available. Submitter must comply with all laws (U.S. and/or International) when submitting sample(s) to us for evaluation.


blueball.gif (152 bytes)    GENERAL LIABILITY:

CHIRALIZER SERVICES, LLC warrants only that due diligence will be exercised in the performance of procedures related to samples received, and that the results given to the customer accurately reflect this work.  We cannot be liable for consequences beyond this scope. By requesting our services you agree to hold harmless, Chiralizer Services, LLC for any consequences of the use of the information obtained.

 * No guarantee of performance or timeliness is offered to clients located outside of the United States.

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