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Degasser Repair Services Available :

  • AGILENT / HP Brands (1050, 1100, 1120, 1200, 1220, 1260, 1290): We provide repair services for all of the Agilent and HP model G1322A, G1379A, G1379B and G4225A HPLC stand alone degasser modules plus the integrated degassers found in their newer pump modules (e.g. G1311B, G1311C, G1312B, G1312C,  G4204A, G4220A, G4220B, G7104, G7120A). These modules most commonly fail after five years of normal use. RED LED ON = serious error and the system has failed. Yellow light continuously on = failed to meet specification and will completely fail soon. In both cases, the degasser is no longer working and 'out-of-compliance'. It should be repaired. Liquid existing the degasser vent tube also indicates a serious failure has occured (Stop using the degasser at once!). All of these problems result in a system which now fails qualification and may not be used until it has been professionally repaired. Continued use without repair may result in internal contamination of your mobile phase and more costly repair.

  • WATERS Brand: We also provide repair services for many of the WATERS brand HPLC degasser modules including the Waters DG2 Inline Degasser-AF and the integrated degassers found in the Waters Alliance 2690, 2695, 2790, 2795, 1525, Acquity, BSM, UPLC and nano Acquity. Replacement Waters vacuum degasser pumps (e.g. 700001352) and vacuum chambers (e.g. 700001218, 700001352, 700003753, 289000622) are also available at greatly reduced prices over Waters retail prices.

    • Professional Diagnostic Testing of your Degassing Module

    • Repair, Cleaning and/or Replacement of Defective Parts

    • Replacement Vacuum Chambers for most models at Lower Prices

    • Optional High Performance Vacuum Pump Upgrades

    • Repair of Component Parts (e.g. Vacuum Sensors, Vacuum Circuit, Power Supplies)

    • Options for Professionally Refurbished or New Parts to Save You Money

    • Lowest Prices, Highest Quality & Quick Repair Turnaround Times

    • Professional servicing of Shimadzu, Dionex, Thermo, ERC, Systec, Hitachi and other brands of degasser modules all offered at low prices.

Having Chiralizer Services repair your existing degasser module is often far less expensive than you think. Many degassers are serviced for under $1,000 USD. Each one is different and a repair price can not be quoted until after we have evaluated your degasser. We start by performing a full diagnostic evaluation of the degasser in our shop to identify all problem areas as well as the overall condition of the module. A detailed repair report and service estimate is provided to you, usually within one business day of receipt of your degasser. The diagnosis, repair and testing are all done in our shop by experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience. Repair turnaround times are usually less than 2 business days and we have most parts in-stock.

Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your needs and we can forward you a diagnostic quote with shipping return instructions. Note: For the fastest response, please send us an email which includes your full name, company name, full address, phone #, Degasser Model #, Degasser Serial Number and problem observed.

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