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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy explains what web cookies are and how we might use them on this website.

"Chiralizer, we, us" means Chiralizer Services, LLC., whose principal place of business is in Hillsborough, NC 27278 USA.

What are cookies?
Cookies are text files, containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your browsing device (such as a computer or smartphone) when you visit a website. Cookies can be recognized by the website that downloaded them — or other websites that use the same cookies. This helps websites know if the browsing device has visited them before.

What are cookies used for?
Cookies do lots of different jobs, like helping companies understand how this website is being used, letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and accumulating statistics.

What types of cookies does Chiralizer Services, LLC use on this website?
None. We do not use any web cookies at all on our website. We believe that cookies are delicious, tasty baked goods (esp chocolate chip cookies with walnuts or pecans) which should be enjoyed while fresh, and if desired, eaten while you browse our website.

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