For the AGILENT / HP 1100 or 1200 SERIES HPLC SYSTEM


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The Model CS1100-SHELF, shown above with an optional CS1100-minitray and 1100-Series module for scale, is a powder coated aluminum shelf module designed for use with Agilent Technologies or Hewlett-Packard's 1100 or 1200-series HPLC and LC-MS systems. It is perfectly sized to match the footprint of the standard 1100 or 1200-series HPLC module [PHOTO of product installed in a working instrument]. The perfect solution to help you organize your instrument modules and save valuable laboratory bench space.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    Features / Advantages :

  • Saves Bench Space. Stacks perfectly with your existing HPLC modules. Same footprint as an 1100 / 1200 module.

  • Far Superior to those "Ring Stand" type Valve and Column Organizers (e.g. G1383A) which sell for $ 1,056 !

  • Provides an organized storage space for our LC Spiderling™ Series-II Column Selector, Column Swapper™, LC-MS Watchdog™ and LC Sample Recycler™. Also holds most valve systems and HPLC columns offered by other manufacturers (e.g. Agilent / Rheodyne "Valve Solutions").

  • Minimizes the total delay volume of your HPLC system by positioning accessory devices directly  between your autosampler and detector.

  • Modular design is perfect for providing a place for your columns, valves and/or other instruments. Place anywhere in your instrument stack.

  • *Optional mini Column Tray (P/N CS1100-minitray) available which fits inside the shelf module (shown in picture above).

  • Dimensions : 17.0" (43.2 cm) x 13.5" (34.3 cm) x 5.5" (14 cm). Weight = 6 lbs. (2.7 Kg). Made in the USA.

List Price  $ 850 (US $). Order P/N CS1100-SHELF. * Prices and specification noted are subject to change. The HP SCM module is not included. Please request a quotation before ordering.

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