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The CS3040, LC-MS Source Contamination Minimizer™ (PHOTO). Automatically divert concentrated peaks away from most any brand MS source to reduce or eliminate MS inlet port clogging, contamination and down time. Will not add to your delay volume or compromise your separations.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)   AUTOMATED WATCHDOG FOR OPEN-ACCESS SYSTEMS : This device monitors your UV detector's output so that it can divert the solvent flow away from your MS inlet if the UV signal exceeds a pre-set value that you enter into the controller (usually a high mAU value for a very concentrated sample peak) . The diverted flow stream can be sent to waste while an optional trickle flow of solvent can be supplied to the MS inlet (requires a second pump). When the signal falls below the user set-point the valve will return normal flow to the MS inlet. This system is made up of two separate modules. One module houses a single SS high pressure valve with electric actuation while the other module contains a computer interface and signal display unit. A 30" long controller cable allows mounting the diverter valve near your MS source to minimize delay volume (the valve's delay volume is near 0.1 ul). The controller will accept any analog UV input (-100 to +1999 mv's) and switch the valve position to waste when the input signal exceeds a user adjusted value (pre-programmed into the controller). The valve will switch back to the normal flow position when the input signal drops below the pre-set value. When used with an LC-MS system the unit can reduce the amount of high concentration samples that enter the MS inlet thus reducing the potential for plugging.

Unit includes a GLP style chart mark output for documentation purposes, a high resolution meter to monitor the signal level, remote mount high-pressure SS valve (0.1 ul delay volume) as well as LED's indicating the current status. This module can be connected to most any manufacturers LC-MS system and will NOT compromise your separation.


Limited Time 'Special' Price > $ 3,500 (US $) * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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