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LC SPIDERLING™ HPLC COLUMN SELECTION SYSTEM    [ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 HPLC Columns ]

        PRICES REDUCED : Buy the BEST. Save Thousands of dollars over other systems.

HPLC Column Screening and Method Development Selectors: An LC SPIDERLING™ column selector is an integrated HPLC automated column selection and switching module. Fully automated and push-button operated column selectors are available. LC SPIDERLING™ modules can be ordered to accommodate three (3), five (5), seven (7) or nine (9) analytical HPLC or UHPLC columns. All have super low delay volume designs and are made out of the finest materials. Stackable versions are available for the Agilent (HP) 1100, 1200, 1260 or 1290-Series HPLC & LC-MS systems. Versions for most manufacturer's systems are also available. The LC SPIDERLING™ column selection system is offered in two versions :

  • The LC SPIDERLING™ SERIES-II (PHOTO), model CS3060-Series column selection systems are available in three (3), five (5), seven (7) and nine (9) column sizes (plus one By-Pass line). These low cost ambient temperature versions can be positioned on the lab bench or placed inside one of our stackable metal shelf modules (i.e. CS1100-SHELF) to minimize delay volume and save valuable bench space (PHOTO in Instrument Stack). Standard 340 Bar and optional 600 or 1,000 Bar versions are available. *A special version, suitable for use with SFC systems, is also available.
  • The LC SPIDERLING™ Deluxe Column Selection System, models CS4000-06CZ and CS4000-10CZ (DELUXE PHOTO), includes a sophisticated built-in forced air oven design which can heat or cool [~10 to 60 C] either five (5) or nine (9) analytical columns at the same time ! Temperature control is set from the front panel only, not through the software. This unit is designed to stack with your existing HPLC modules to minimize total tubing delay volume. Standard 340 Bar and optional UHPLC 600 or 1,000 Bar versions are available. Use the column selector that the experts use! For Agilent (HP) ChemStation and OpenLAB users, column selection (not temperature) can be controlled directly through our optional custom CS1100-AUTO software interface (CS1100-AUTO-A/B). *Huge price drop on the LC SPIDERLING™ Deluxe models which now start at $7,995!

Not sure which one is Best ? View our "PRODUCT SELECTOR TABLE" or give us a call.

Standard Pressure 340 Bar and Ultra High Pressure 600 or 1,000 Bar Versions are Available.

Optional Interfaces:

All products come with two true contact closures for timetable control of the valve advance and by-pass functions as standard. Additional control interfaces are also available as an option.

  • For users of Agilent 1050, 1090, 1100, 1200, 1260 or 1290-Series HPLC systems, an optional 'Automation Control Interface' is available for automated operation of the LC SPIDERLING™ modules through your ChemStation HPLC Software. The interface works with your ChemStation or OpenLab Software (Rev 'A', 'B' or 'C') to automatically select different HPLC columns through your Methods and/or Sequence table. Turns your LC into a very user friendly screening system. The LC SPIDERLING™ is fully ChemStation Software compatible.
  • For use with other brands of HPLC equipment, additional communication interfaces include: Serial RS-232 control (for use with: ChromSword, Chromeleon, ChromSmart, Agilent Open Lab, EZChrom Elite and many others) and true contact closure control. Contact Closure control will also work with most manufacturer's systems (e.g. Water's, Hitachi, Shimadzu, Dionex, PE).


  • Immediate column availability.
  • Eliminate searching the drawer for columns.
  • In-line system with ultra low delay volume valve.
  • Push button electric switching: convenience, faster equilibrations, flushing, increased overall speed, reliability and consistency of result.
  • No more disconnecting columns.
  • Less wear and tear, columns stay in solvent.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    OPTIMIZE YOUR ALREADY POWERFUL Agilent (HP) Model 1050, 1090, 1100, 1200, 1260 or 1290-Series HPLC SYSTEM.

Add column selection to your existing ability to change solvent composition, wavelength, flow and sample. Make column selection a "variable" in method development. Analyze multiple samples using different columns and methods on one HPLC system all after-hours ! Improve your labs productivity.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    PROGRAM YOUR Agilent (HP) Model 1050, 1090, 1100, 1200, 1260 or 1290-Series HPLC TO AUTOMATE METHOD DEVELOPMENT

Analyze the same sample on more than one column. Program to flush, equilibrate and test columns as well as run samples. You can program run times, flow rates, mobile phase composition, and now column selection. All automatically.

  • Make analytical flushing, equilibrating and testing procedures routine.
  • Literally tie a method to a column; mix methods with columns.
  • Enable flushing of entire flow path - from pump to UV detector.
  • Automate methods for "after-hours" operation; free your valuable time.
  • Improve results (minimize human error).
  • Perform flow injection and solvent change overs using the included by-pass line.
  • Great for LC-MS applications. Mix column types in one system.

List Price Range : $ 3,450 to $10,000 (US $) * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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