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The CS3080, LC Sample Recycler™ allows partially resolved peaks to be separated automatically by recycling the sample back through the LC column to improve the separation (PHOTO). Recycle chromatography is commonly used in preparative chromatography, but is rarely used in analytical chromatography. Numerous problems of sample dilution caused it to have poor performance in analytical chromatography applications. This latest design, has solved all of the earlier design problems and now enables any chromatographer to take advantage of this powerful technique.

Each system consists of both a modular control box and a remote high pressure, low delay volume (0.1 ul) valve. Designed to work with most any manufacturers HPLC system. Only a single HPLC pump, two identical columns, a high pressure rated flow cell and two available time programmable contact closure are all that are needed to operate.


  • Developed by us in 1996 this system uses a technique known as "Column Leap Frogging", not "Simulated Moving Columns or SMC which was a name incorrectly applied to our device.
  • Simply recycle the sample as many times as needed until the desired resolution is obtained.
  • Great for difficult to resolve chiral racemates that are partially resolved.
  • Does not run the sample back through the pump head, which can dilute the sample, but rather passes it onto one of two identical columns in a "leap frog" manner.
  • The detector can be placed after each successive column outlet to monitor the progress of the separation, without disturbing the run. This allows real time monitoring of the sample not available with any other system on the market.

  List Price  $ 4,500 (US $) * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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