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The CS3010, Column Swapper™ (PHOTO) is a multipurpose instrument designed to either increase sample throughput or automate sample clean-up. The same unit can be used for either application. *Typical application is for Alternating Column Regeneration (ACR).

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    HIGH THROUGHPUT SAMPLE ANALYSIS : Instrument allows simultaneous analysis of one sample on one HPLC column while a second, identical column is flushed and equilibrated off-line. At the end of the first analysis the columns are swapped. The original analysis is then performed on the previously-flushed and equilibrated column while the original column is flushed and equilibrated off-line. This process is known as 'ACR'. A huge time saver ! Cut repetitive analysis times in half.

Product provides a visual indication of which of the two columns is being used for the current analysis as well as a chart mark output, for GLP documentation, each time the units swaps the columns. Requires two computer controlled pumps and one available time programmable contact closure for programming the system. Can be connected to most any manufacturers HPLC system.

Note : A special custom installed version is available for customers of Agilent Technologies (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company) Thermostated Column Compartment (Agilent's Model G1316A Block Heater with option #057). We can custom install our special 2-Position, 10-Port valve inside of their column oven for a nice custom look at a greatly reduced price, plus you can still use your block heater to control the temperature of the two columns. You may then control the Alternating Column Regeneration process directly through your ChemStation software! *Agilent refers to this as a Model # G1157A. Please inquire about this special product (Model CS3010-S) by phoning us directly. SEE PHOTO.


blueball.gif (152 bytes)   RAPID SAMPLE PREP & ANALYSIS : Automate sample clean-up to remove plasma and proteins prior to introduction into either MS or UV detector using one HPLC column and two pumps. One pump is used for sample clean-up while the other (gradient) pump is used for the actual analysis. The flow path can be flushed down off-line during the actual sample analysis period.

Automate your sample prep tasks with this one device easily and inexpensively. Requires two pumps and one available contact closure for programming the sample clean-up step. Can be connected to most any manufacturers HPLC system.

  • Optional version for Agilent Technologies model 1050, 1100 or 1200-Series HPLC or LC-MS systems. Allows direct ChemStation control of the Column Swapper™. Please inquire.

List Price  $ 3,250 (US $)   * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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