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The CS3020, Multi-dimensional 2-D Column Switching System™ (PHOTO) will allow you to automatically divert samples from one HPLC column to a second column. Additionally, you can also backflush either column to remove undesired samples, all on-line and all automatically. Fully compatible with any analytical HPLC system. Can be operated in a fully automated mode using simple timed contact closures.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    ADVANCED IN-LINE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL 2D HPLC SYSTEM MODULE : Instrument allows sample Heart Cutting, Fractionation, Purification, Enrichment as well as selection of any of the following flow paths :

  • Column #1 Only, Column #2 Only, Column #1 & 2, No Columns, Backflush Column #1, Backflush Column #2 or Backflush Columns #1 & 2.

Great system for sample clean-up (Plasma or Protein) or complex method development. The system can be used as both a push button stand-alone unit or as a fully automated electrically actuated version controlled through your LC system's software (most any brand can control the CS3020 using contact closures). To minimize delay volume, each valve is separate (and includes a mounting bracket) and supplied on a three foot long cable so that you may attach each one as close as possible to your columns and pump.  A special custom version is also available for users of Agilent / Hewlett-Packard brand 1050, 1090, 1100 or 1200-Series HPLC systems equipped with HP ChemStation software. Optional semi-prep, prep and UHPLC versions available.

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NEW LOWER Price  $ 5,250 (US $) * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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